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How to make perfect gingerbread

How to make perfect gingerbread

What is it about gingerbread that brings out our inner child. Is it the cute little faces of the gingerbread people or that spicy nostalgic flavour? We know that gingerbread, in whatever form, will make the perfect edible gift, decoration or Christmas dessert.

Have a little fun with your gingerbread treats this year with these delicious ideas – from a stunning wreath cake to easy tree decorations. But first things first, here are some recipes on how to make perfect gingerbread.

The best gingerbread

If you’re new to gingerbread making, start off with the basics. You can’t go wrong with this tried and tested delicious recipe.

Gingerbread people

Who said you have to stick to the simple three dots and a smiley face. Give your gingerbread people a summer party vibe with these decorations.


Gingerbread Ripple Wreath Cake

Turn your gingerbread into a twist on a classic ripple cake. So easy and perfect for Christmas day dessert.


Gingerbread tree decorations

Edible tree ornaments is where it’s at, and because gingerbread will go the distance, it makes the perfect festive decoration.


Gingerbread and Caramel Trifle

For the ultimate show-stopping dessert that is surprisingly easy to make, check out this trifle. It’s so good you’ll be wishing everyday was Christmas!




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