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How to make an omelette in a wok

A wok is the go-to kitchen item for making Asian stir-fries and fried rice, as the wok offers a large surface area for anything that needs quick, high-heat cooking. Plus, there’s room for loads of lovely veg and noodles.

But don’t just reserve it for stir-fries, you can make the perfect omelette in a wok – and it’s even easier than in a normal pan.

Have a look in the video below, and see just how easy – and convenient – it is to make an omelette in a wok. Ready to serve, chopped, in your fried rice!

Hot tip: is to ensure your wok is nice and hot, before pouring in the egg mixture. This will ensure your omelette is lovely and thin, and evenly cooked through.

Knowing this kitchen skill, is great for most Asian meals. Plus, using only one pan will save you time when washing up. Winning!

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