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This Magic Beesting Custard Cake separates into 3 incredible layers as it bakes

The incredible three layer Magic Custard Cake

Be prepared to be amazed by this incredible cake. Some call it magic, others put it down to a bit of “foodie” science but what we won’t debate is that this trending Magic Cake is absolutely phenomenal.

All you have to do is make one simple, milky batter, transfer it to a cake tin, and bake in the oven and like magic, you’ll have three separate layers of cake and custard. These three gorgeous layers achieve vanilla flavoured perfection for a stunning dessert.

This magic cake recipe brought to us by our friends at The Dairy Kitchen, also features a stunning honey and almond topping for that extra special wow factor.

The internet has gone mad for magic cake and it’s pretty easy to see why. In the baking world, achieving perfect sponge cake and custard can be a pretty technical gig. But in this instance, it happens naturally, without absolute precision or making sure that the temperature control in the oven is flawless.

What are the three incredible layers in a magic cake?

The top layer is a sponge-like vanilla cake, the middle, a delicious and smooth vanilla custard and the bottom layer is a slightly more dense fudge like custard.

Together, these three layers create an impressive cake that is perfect for dinner parties or even a fancy afternoon tea. It’s the kind of idea that will be your secret weapon – so trust us, give this one a go for some dessert style magic that will make you look like the ultimate masterchef.

If you love this magic custard cake – you will also be inspired by our collection of impressive cake recipes for dinner parties.

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