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Create your ultimate green smoothie - tips for creating great green smoothies using the Breville Boss To Go personal blender

Four steps to creating the ultimate green smoothie


Do you love the idea of the health benefits from a green smoothie but aren’t sure where to begin? Has your first attempt at the green smoothie lifestyle left you running back to plain old toast for breakfast? You need to learn how to make a green smoothie.

Here’s a few key pointers to help you on your way to green smoothie nirvana!

The secret to becoming a green smoothie drinker is to start with milder greens, then gradually work up to stronger flavours.

Beginner's green smoothie ratio of fruit to leafy greens - creating the ultimate green smoothie



So if you’re a beginner, go for a ratio of 30% leafy greens to 70% fruit, and opt for sweeter fruits like ripe banana, mango or blueberries. As your palette becomes more comfortable with green flavours, start experimenting to increase the proportion of leafy greens.


Advanced ratio of fruit to leafy greens for your green smoothie - tips for creating the ultimate green smoothie





Hardcore green smoothie drinkers use the reverse proportion, blending 70% leafy greens and vegetables and 30% fruit for maximum health and nutrient benefits.



Follow these four easy steps to making a healthy and delicious green smoothie…

Bitter green smoothies be gone! Learn how to make a green smoothie with this easy ingredient guide | Get the cookbook!

1. Choose your leafy green

Spinach has a mild flavour and packs a hefty nutritional punch. Begin with a handful and increase the quantity over time, up to 70% of your smoothie for maximum impact.

Varying your greens will nourish your body with different nutrients. As you get used to the flavours, try branching out to kale, silverbeet, dandelion, watercress, rocket or broccoli.

2. Select your liquid of choice

When first starting with green smoothies, plant-based milks including soy, rice, nut or coconut are ideal to tame the green flavours and add natural sweetness. For a milder-flavoured, lower kilojoule option, blend coconut water, green or herbal tea or any other plant-based milk with equal parts filtered water.

Choose different milks such as coconut, cashew, almond or soy. Learn how to make your ultimate green smoothie with this guide |

Chilled green and herbal teas like rooibos and peppermint work well too, especially when paired with fruits like peach, blueberries or pears. Or try fresh juices such as pomegranate, orange or cranberry for a fruitier smoothie. As a general rule, for a smooth, drinkable texture, use equal parts leafy green to liquid.

3. Pimp your smoothie!

Adding nutrient dense foods to your smoothies will give you the energy you need for a long day at work, a hard workout or running around after your children. Here are our three of our favourite tips for pimping up your smoothie for added punch…

Add… Antioxidants

Learn how to make a great green smoothie | adding antioxidants to your green smoothie is a great way to up the nutritional profile



Maintaining a good level of antioxidants in the diet may contribute to better digestive health and lower cholesterol. Foods that are high in these important micronutrients are nuts, seeds, red and purple fruits, green tea and cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli and bok choy, so put them on your smoothie shopping list now!



Add… Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Low-fat diets were trendy years ago and many people still think that all dietary fats are the enemy. While some are best avoided (such as trans fats) others like omega-3 fatty acids are positively essential, especially because our bodies can’t produce them on their own.Learn how to make a great green smoothie by adding sources of omega 3 which helps to up the nutritional profileAmong its many benefits, omega-3 fatty acids are thought to help lower cholesterol, improve cognitive skills, prevent inflammatory diseases and promote skin health. Keep an eye out for linseed, pepitas and walnuts, all stellar sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These additions will also up the protein, keeping you satisfied for longer.

If you’re looking for protein and energy boosters, other options to consider are raw almonds, raw cacao, acai powder or organic protein powders. Or try the Chocolate Protein Boost Topper in the new Good For You FoodbookBreville Chocolate Protein Boost Smoothie Topper - add to your green smoothie for extra protein

Add… Alkaline Promoting Ingredients

Maintaining the body’s ideal pH level is thought to be important for good health, and may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Eating leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables (like kale and broccolini) can increase alkalinity in the body – another great reason to add them to your smoothies.

Adding alkaline rich foods to your green smoothie helps to up the nutritional profileLemon is the star fruit for creating an internal alkaline pH balance. The alkalising effect and high level of vitamin C in lemons is thought to boost the immune system, promote digestive health, nourish the brain and is a tonic for nerve cells.

 4. Make your smoothie sing!

Green smoothies often benefit from the goodness of ripe, juicy fruit to help balance all the green goodness. For a sweet note, try adding dates, fresh grapes, blueberries, honey or maple syrup. Consider other sugar alternatives too, like rice malt syrup, stevia, coconut blossom sugar, coconut syrup, rapadura sugar or agave nectar. There are other ways to add a gentle sweetness to your green smoothie; try herbal additions like mint, coriander, basil or parsley for a flavour burst. Zesty flavours like ginger, lime, mint and lemon compliment many green smoothies.
Add a top note to your green smoothies by adding sweet honey, blueberries or dates

Follow these easy tips to get you started and you’ll be a lifelong green smoothie drinker in no time. Now test out your green smoothie making skills with these fresh recipes from Breville…

Beginners can try the Pina-kale-ada from Breville, which uses coconut milk, pineapple and kale to create a deliciously refreshing and mild green smoothie. For those used to a ‘greener’ smoothie, try a Zesty Green Smoothie for a super green boost!


For a smoothie with flavour and freshness – try this recipe for a Green Apple, Spinach and Mint Smoothie by Vitasoy.


And for more delicious smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes, download your copy of the new Good For You Foodbook

The Good For You Foodbook - download a copy now for more delicious green smoothie recipes

Happy blending!

*DISCLAIMER: Breville is a contributing recipe Partner at Recipes and content are from the Breville Boss To Go Cookbook. For further information on Breville visit the Breville website.

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