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How to freeze leftover herbs

Not sure how to use up leftover herbs and scared they’ll go to waste. Just freeze them! A handful of fresh herbs is one of the simplest things to preserve in the freezer. Although there are a few tips to remember to make the most of your herbs.

Tips for freezing herbs 
  • Freeze with a little oil: Prevent freezer burn and any browning by adding a little oil to the zip-lock bag you’re freezing the herbs in. Plus the herbs will infuse the oil and in turn will add lovely flavour to your meals.
  • Label your herbs: Avoid the ol’ is that parsley or coriander dilemma by labelling each container or bag with the type of herb (and oil) inside. It helps if you have a few different herbs in the freezer.
  • Start with a flavour base: Most meals call for oil to start with, so take your herb and oil blend out of the zip-lock back and use it as the base of your dish.

Have a look at our video, and see how easy it is to freeze those leftover herbs, noticing that we are using zip-lock bags not ice-cube trays. This method will allow you to choose the amount of herbs needed instead of a whole ice cube.

Recipes to try with herbs 


Green Shakshuka






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