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How to easily ripen a pear

Pears are an extremely versatile fruit and offer a beautiful flavour and texture to many sweet or savoury recipes. If brekkie smoothies are your thing, toss some pear pieces in for natural sweetness, and you certainly can’t go past pears in a classic tarte Tatin with crispy, buttery pastry.

But before you pluck a pear form the fruit bowl and get disappointed that it’s still too hard to enjoy, in the infographic below, you will find tips on how to ripen a pear, an easy way to test if a pear is ripe, the different pear varieties and when each pear variety is in season. If you didn’t know much about pears before, you’ll be an ex-peart after viewing this guide.

Get to know pears 

Also before you start cooking, there are some simple steps when it comes to preparing a pear, such as peeling and coring.

Have a look this quick video to see how easy it is the prepare a pear.


Now you’re an expert on how to ripen a pear, try one of these pear-fect recipes. Great for families and entertaining.

Must-try pear recipes 



Chocolate pear loaf





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