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How to cut a pineapple

As we can now truly immerse ourselves in the glorious summer weather, it is also time to take advantage of the abundance of fruits that are basking in their seasonal glory. One of these delicious fruits is tropical pineapple.

A gorgeous fruit with a spiky crown, it can actually be a little intimidating to prepare to get to that juicy and sweet interior. But it’s totally worth it to add pineapple to sweet and savoury summer dishes.

So when it comes to cutting and preparing this exotic fruit we’ve got you covered.

Tips to remember when cutting 
  • Sharper the knife the better. This will help you get through the tough skin.
  • Be sure to cut pineapple on a flat surface that is non-slip. It will allow you to get a more firm and balanced grip on the pineapple.
  • Remove the crown and the base first so that the skin is then easy to remove and the pineapple has a flat base to stand up on.
Have a look at this easy video and see how to safely cut a pineapple.

Pineapple recipes to try 




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