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How to clean your sink like a boss

A dirty sink is equivalent to a cockroach-infested kitchen. It’s the second most germ-packed place in your beloved cooking space. Straight after cooking, clean your sink to ensure your workspace is germ free.

In fact to ensure germs are not populating your sink, you need to wash and disinfect the sides and bottom of your sink straight after prepping raw meat or scrubbing dirt off your veggies.

But before you splash bleach on the surface and walk away, there’s a few steps you need to take to ensure the sink is completely clean and germ free.

Steps to remember when cleaning your sink
  • First use good old traditional hot water and soap all over the sink.
  • Next remove any food scraps and disinfect with either watered down bleach or vinegar if you prefer to avoid aggressive chemicals.
  • You should also pour your chosen disinfectant down the drain and have a good look to ensure there are no leftover food scraps left over in the nooks and crannies.
  • The final step is to sanity check your sponges as this is a breeding ground for germs as well. If they’re looking rough and ragged around the edges throw them away and replace with new ones.
  • Ideally you should replace your sponges and cloths weekly, particularly when scrubbing down raw meat off chopping boards.
  • If in doubt, check your sponge for bad smells. If it pongs, then it’s likely to be farming a host of nasty germs.

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