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How to choose, store and eat kiwifruit

For the love of kiwifruit! This somewhat exotic fruit is a little green powerhouse. They’re delicious on their own but can be enjoyed in gorgeous desserts, smoothies, salads, main meals and sauces.

Not only are kiwifruits super tasty but they are also nutrient dense. High in vitamin C, fantastic source of fibre, low in calories and can give you a big immunity boost.

Kiwifruits are at their best at the moment, so next time your at the supermarket picking up some of these little fuzzy orbs, remember these tips.

How to choose a kiwifruit 

Look for a kiwi that is semi-firm to touch, preferably unblemished and with no soft, bruised spots or wrinkled skin.

How to store a kiwifruit 

A firm kiwifruit will take 2-3 days to ripen stored at room temperature. Once ripe, kiwifruits are best stored in the fridge. Remembering to keep them out of direct sunlight.

How to eat a kiwifruit

One of the most well-known ways to eat a kiwifruit, is to cut it in half and scoop the flesh out with a spoon. But kiwifruits can be added to hot dishes, although they must be added to hot dishes at the last minute to retain their colour.

If you’re adding kiwifruit to a dish containing a milk product or gelatine, it must be enjoyed straight away. As the kiwi as a special enzyme which will cause the milk to curdle.

Plus kiwifruit’s go beautifully in a large collection of dishes. Try any of these tasty recipes using kiwifruit.

Kiwifruit recipes 




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