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How store and prep Brussel sprouts

Brussel sports have been the disowned veggie for a very long time. But these little green sprouts have become loved again and you could say slightly trendy.

Brussel sprouts are members of the cabbage family and have the same ability to be enjoyed raw in salads or slaw, or turned tender and delicious when cooked.

Long are the day of overcooked, soggy Brussel sprouts.

If your ready to introduce these fabulous little sprouts in to your dinner routine, here is what you need to know when it comes to preparing this veggie before cooking.

What to remember with purchasing, storing and preparing Brussel sprouts 

Purchasing: look for Brussel sprouts that feel firm. Avoid leaves that have holes or are shrivelled, wrinkling or withered. Some dried or yellow outer leaves are okay, but the leaves should be tightly layered together.

Storage: store your fresh unwashed Brussel sprouts in a zip-top bag in the fridge. Try to prepare the sprouts within 3 days of purchase, as they tend to lose sweetness as they age.

Preparing: first step is too trim the stem with a sharp knife, then peel off and discard any outer leaves that are yellowed or blemished. You can then steam the sprouts whole or cut in half. Cutting the sprouts in half makes them ideal for roasting.

Now you know what to do with a Brussel sprout, try these fantastic recipes next time you feel like having a little sprout.

Brussel sprout recipes to try 







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