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The must-try Hot Cheesy Corn Dip recipe

If you have guests coming over for a BBQ, casual dinner, a last minute get together or even a family night, a cheese platter or crackers and dip are a fantastic go-to option to feed your guests or keep them entertained until the main course.

But, if you want to serve up something a little different, there is one show-stopping recipe that will have all your guests and your family asking for more. This oozy and oh-so scrumptious hot cheesy corn dip recipe will most definitely satisfy any hungry guests. This quick and easy dip is perfect for any last-minute gatherings. Serve with corn chips, and top with shallots and crispy bacon and your good to go. A handy tip: you might want to make two!


Try this yummy hot cheese corn dip recipe at your next gathering


This recipe is made using McCain Corn as part of the 2017 Foodbank Shop & Share project.  Pick up a bag of McCain Corn when you shop at Woolworths in July, and the team at McCain will donate the same product directly to Foodbank.  You shop – they share!

Foodbank Shop and Share 2017 Woolworths


Foodbank is a recipe partner of myfoodbook. This feature contains a mix of content from myfoodbook third party content partners and our own opinions. Learn more about the FoodBank Shop & Share campaign, and help alleviate hunger for Australian’s in need.


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