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Make turkey rissoles as a delicious and lean barbecue idea

High-protein family dinner recipes

Between wanting to be able to deliver your family favourite dinners and putting a meal on the table that is full of good nutrition, selecting weeknight dinners can be quite the balancing act.

Particularly when you want to enjoy dinners that go beyond typical diet recipes or the common meat and three veg. That’s why, we always suggest adding extra nutrition to already loved recipes like bolognese, meatloaf and tacos.

This way, un-eaten dinners will be in the past, and lacklustre meals with little taste will be a non-existent concept in your house!

Tips for making high-protein family dinners with added nutritional value:
  • Swap fatty meats for turkey breast which is high in protein and low in fat content
  • If using mince, choose turkey mince which has low fat content and higher protein option
  • Swap simple carbohydrates like white pasta or bread for wholegrain alternatives
  • Add veggie smugglers like mushrooms and zucchini to meat patties or a mince mixture in bolognese by grating or food processing them into fine pieces

Delicious High-protein family dinner recipes with turkey mince

Rissolesmeatballseasy wraps and bolognese, the list of family recipes that you can add high-protein turkey to, is endless. See below for inspiration for turkey mince recipes that even the fussiest eaters will love.






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