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Breville Breakfast Smoothie - make great tasting smoothies with the Breville Boss To Go

What Heston Blumenthal taught us about smoothies

How to make great tasting smoothies, sorbets and more…

Imagine being able to make sweeter, creamier tasting smoothies without adding any additional sugar or fat, or creating the sweetest of sorbets purely from frozen fruit. According to Heston Blumenthal, there is a magical part of blending that can make all that possible and it’s the particle size of blended ingredients.

“Particle size is critical in how we perceive not just the texture, but also the taste of food. The way our tastebuds perceive salt, sugar, creaminess, fattiness and aftertaste of the same ingredients changes when we alter a food’s particle size”.

Microns matter… wise words from Heston

In a lab, particle size is measured in microns, where one micron is a millionth of a metre. In food terms, when making chocolate for instance, confectioners try to ensure that each chocolate particle is less than 25 microns. Above that, the particles are detectable to the tongue, and the chocolate just doesn’t taste as creamy. Yet in everyday cooking, I tend to find that some recipes focus more on the taste combinations of the individual ingredients, rather than on their final texture, even though the texture can be every bit as important to how we perceive taste.

Take a look at this video to understand the nitty gritty…

Sugar proves the point perfectly

Just to demonstrate the impact that particle size can have, here’s a simple experiment you can easily do in your own home.

Compare a blind taste test of granulated white sugar against the experience of tasting pure icing sugar (with no added starch).

  • Granulated white sugar is grainy at first, and has a lot less initial taste than icing sugar. As it dissolves it forms a heavier, caramel kind of aftertaste…
  • …whereas the flavour of icing sugar explodes on the tongue immediately, tasting sharper, sweeter and thinner. But they are exactly the same thing, it’s just that one is ground finer than the other – this is texture that’s impacting the flavour.

Granulated white sugar has a particle size of about 500 microns, meaning each particle is easily detectable to the tongue. Pure icing sugar (or confectioner’s sugar) is exactly the same chemical structure, but it’s been ground and sifted to an average particle size of around 10 microns. That’s about 50 times smaller than regular sugar. And we perceive the same ingredient as two completely different things, purely because of a change in its particle size. The same thing happens to the taste of many foods.

Look for blenders which blitz food to a finer texture

Blenders were designed to mix an array of ingredients into smaller particles, but just like sugar, how small those particles become has a huge difference on the taste and texture of the finished product. And when it comes to blending, for most things, the finer the result the better.


*DISCLAIMER: Breville is a contributing recipe Partner at myfoodbook.com.au. This feature editorial is a combination of content provided by Breville and our own comments. For further information on Breville or Breville appliances visit the Breville website.  


The Breville Boss™ To Go pulverises virtually any combination of ingredients to create a noticeably smoother mouthfeel, no matter what the recipe, so you get great tasting smoothies everytime. The combination of so much power with a blade system that can produce such fine particles, opens up a new world of recipe opportunities not thought possible in a blender until now.



Test out your blender with these great tasting smoothies from Breville. Simply click on the image to go straight to the recipe…

Zesty Green Smoothie - make great tasting smoothies with the Breville Boss To Go

Zesty Green Smoothie – Breville

Breville Breakfast Smoothie - make great tasting smoothies with the Breville Boss To Go

Breakfast Smoothie – Breville

Or why not try out a deliciously simple frozen yoghurt recipe…

Banana, Pecan & Honey Frozen Yoghurt - a quick and easy recipe for frozen yoghurt made with the Breville Boss To Go

Banana, Pecan & Honey Frozen Yoghurt – Breville

Get your hands on more fabulous smoothie recipes…


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Happy blending!



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