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A healthy protein to kickstart winter cooking

If wintry weather has you craving not-so-nutritious dishes, you’re not alone. As the weather grows cooler, our appetites tend to increase in an effort to warm our bodies. Because of this, our desire for comfort foods tends to rise. But, there’s good news for people with cravings for extra hearty fare at this time of year: you can still enjoy your warming winter meals and get a nutritional boost with the help of one delicious and healthy protein. The star ingredient? Turkey.

Did you know that just one serving of turkey provides 65% of your recommended daily intake of protein? Pair turkey with a generous helping of seasonal vegetables and your favourite sauce, and you’re bound to beat those hunger pangs.

Turkey meat is available in many forms, including whole, preached slices, breast, thighs, mince, cutlets and tenderloins, making it a versatile ingredient to cook with. In Australia, the consumption of this healthy protein is growing – whether you’re embarking on a health kick or seeking better-for-you meal options, turkey meat might be the perfect source of protein to add to your meals.

No matter the cuisine you’re cooking, turkey’s mild flavour lends itself to just about any flavour profile –  which means you can get creative in the kitchen with recipes from delicious turkey and vegetable lasagne to turkey tom kha gai soup.

And, if you’re looking to feed a larger group at your next dinner party or Sunday roast, try these helpful tips to perfect your turkey plates.

Tips for perfecting your turkey dishes
  • When you’re preparing a whole turkey from frozen, ensure it is well thawed and placed in an adequately pre-heated oven before getting started.
  • If you’re preparing a roast, it’s a good idea to use a thermometer to ensure your turkey is perfectly cooked and piping hot the whole way through.
  • If you choose to marinate your turkey, put the turkey back in the fridge straight after you’ve finished covering it, as this is an ingredient that can be sensitive to heat and requires cool temperatures to remain safe to eat.
  • After roasting, your might have juices left in the roasting tray – avoid throwing these out. You can use the juice to flavour the breast meat, or to create a delicious gravy (just add a little cornflour and perhaps some wine, if you have it, and let it all reduce).
  • Remember, leftover turkey (teamed with a dollop of mayonnaise) makes a delicious sandwich filling. So avoid letting any morsel go to waste!

Keen to get cracking on some delicious turkey recipes this season? Get creative with the following crowd-pleasing, protein-rich recipes …

Turkey recipes to try 






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