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Green pea recipes to put a spring in your step

We have fond memories of podding fresh green peas at the kitchen table with mum or nanna. It’s now a real treat to buy fresh peas in the pod ready to relive the podding ritual. Now’s the time to look out for fresh green peas at your local grocer or supermarket. To further inspire you to cook with green peas, we’ve put together this little collection of green pea recipes. Enjoy!

How to pick, store and pod green peas

According to Sydney Markets, you should select plump green peas with bright green intact pods. Once picked, green peas rapidly deteriorate and lose sweetness as the sugars convert to starch. The pod protects the delicate peas so remove just before cooking. For optimal flavour, cook peas on the day of purchase.

Kids especially love podding fresh green peas so get the whole family involved in this fun and memorable task. Simply use your thumbnails to pry open the pod lengthways and remove the peas.

Health benefits of peas

There are a lot of vitamins and minerals packed into these little green gems. They are high in fibre, a good source of plant-based protein as well as important antioxidants.

Green pea recipes to put a spring in your step

Some of these recipes call for frozen peas but you can simply substitute for fresh green peas. As with the frozen variety, you don’t want to over-cook them.





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