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Back to school breakfasts kids will love

Healthy breakfast recipes for busy school mornings

Picks like a bird at breakfast, barely touches ones school lunch, but once 3pm hits, eats everything in the pantry! Sound familiar?

It’s not uncommon for kids to consume most of their calorie intake after school hours. But of course, this shouldn’t the case. Busy families need a solid healthy breakfast and a balanced lunch to ensure that growing minds and bodies, can power through the day and still have energy to tackle afternoon activities. It also ensures that blood sugar levels remain stable, and afternoon over-eating is avoided.

So forgot the small bowl of cereal and leave the singular serve of toast behind. Instead, start thinking a little differently about breakfast. If you set aside an extra 10 minutes each morning to prepare something substantial, you are sure to see the effects long throughout the day.

Back to school breakfast recipes

Boiling an egg only takes between 4-10 minutes and just like that you have dipping toast and soldiers. Mini pikelets can be made ahead and served with natural yogurt and fruit, and scrambled eggs take just minutes. So there’s really no need to not give the family a nutritious meal to start the day, plus experts say it’s OK to have an egg everyday – which is good news for the breakfast menu.

Healthy breakfast recipes for busy mornings

Scroll through our top healthy breakfast recipes, or see the full collection here


It's OK to have an egg a day. Eggs make the perfect protein breakfast or easy idea for dinner.



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