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The Great Aussie Barbie

Everyday Delicious Kitchen BBQ Chicken Wings recipe

Everyday Delicious Kitchen: BBQ Chicken Wings

As we enter the final summer month we cherish our favourite cooking method all the more. Having just worked out the BBQ for the past few months we appreciate the role it played in many sunday lunches and Australia Day celebrations.

Have you relied on the barbie for 80% of your meat cooking this summer? We have. Will we be upping the ante and using it for most of our lunch and dinners for the remainder of the summer season? You betcha!

I enjoy the cultural importance we Aussies allocate to our BBQs. Mark Thomson is the author of ‘Meat, Metal and Fire – The Legendary Australian Barbecue’, in his book he looks at the traditions that have grown up around the Aussie barbecue – how we construct our barbecues, what we cook on them and even how we dress to do it. Mark also brings up how in the same way Australia′s people come from a diverse range of backgrounds, Australia celebrates many different styles of barbecuing.

Our partners have put together some cracking BBQ recipes which pull together influences from all over the world. Why not use the remainder of summer to try out:

BBQ Chicken wings from the Everyday Delicious Cookbook, the Teriyaki Tacos from the Kikkoman Cookbook or the Petso & Feta barbecue flats from the Celebrate Summer Cookbook.


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