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Get ready for World Egg Day

Delicious protein-rich eggs take us from breakfast to dinner with absolute ease! So it’s only right we celebrate World Egg Day on October 12 by digging in to some delicious egg recipes. A day of appreciating the humble egg with worldwide events like festivals, omelette cook-offs and other eggscellent events.

All over the world, eggs are enjoyed in different ways. Aussies love to wrap their laughing gear around an Aussie burger with the lot, the French go “ooh la la” over a mushroom soufflé omelette, Mexicans have landed on a great start to the day with huevos rancheros, plus there’s the spicy and colourful biryani from India and, let’s not forget that weeknight dinner hero, the Italian frittata.

So get cracking! Enjoy an egg or two a day and perhaps tempt your tastebuds with a dish from another country. We’ve come up with a few must-try ideas, that are not only great for World Egg Day but for every day!


Celebrate World Egg Day with these easy egg recipes

Aussie burger with the lot 


Tomato and ginger biryani with eggs 
Frittata caprese with spinach, tomato and ricotta 
Huevos rancheros 


Mushroom soufflé omelette 




*DISCLAIMER – Australian Eggs is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Australian Eggs and our own opinions. Find more about Australian Eggs. 


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