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Make this delicious chicken brown rice bowl for lunch or dinner

Four healthy ways to cook chicken

Sometimes the best way to seek cooking inspiration is to simply stroll the aisles of your local supermarket. You can then find great deals and in-season produce to create meals from and look up recipe ideas around.

This works for all kinds of cooks. The kind that know how to throw something together in minutes, and the kind that are avid recipe followers. One of the easiest ways to build a great meal is to first choose your source of protein, be it lentils for our veggie friends, eggs or chicken breast, these grocery items are fantastic for forming the base of your meal.

When we do our weekly shop, we often follow this approach, picking our protein first. One type that never fails to enter our trolley’s, is chicken! 1kg of chicken breast can do almost anything for the weekly dinners. Maybe it’s an easy stir fry, thrown in with fried rice or turned into tacos, chicken never fails us with it’s versatility.

We have, in conjunction with our friends at Lilydale, come up with our four top ways to cook chicken heathily! See the infographic below. Click to download the easily printable PDF!

Four healthy ways to cook chicken infographic


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Now that you know the best ways to cook chicken healthily, try a few of these delicious recipe ideas, or visit the Lilydale collection on myfoodbook to see more inspiration.

Chicken dinner recipes






2017 Good For you Foodbook with healthy and balanced recipes


*DISCLAIMER: Lilydale is a contributing recipe Partner at All opinions in this article are our own. For further information on Lilydale’s range of products, visit the Lilydale website.

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