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Foodie Christmas tips to remember

It’s time to answer those SOS Christmas foodie calls. We’ve collated a collection of answers to solve a mix of Christmas food dilemmas and how to smoothly sail through the silly season.

Christmas food tips to remember 

Do a run through of new recipes: if you are choosing to try a new recipe, perhaps do a run through so you can be ready if the meal needs any tweaking or seasoning.

Before you buy anything, check your cupboards: don’t rush to the shops, check your cupboards first and do a head count of what you need and what you actually already have. Plus it will give your cupboards a good clean out in the process.

Plan you tableware: be sure to have enough plates and bowls for serving and dining. If you prep which dish is going where you can be sure you’re got it covered.

Create a Christmas playlist: Christmas Day is not complete without some holiday hits. Every great party has its own playlist, so start collecting some classic hits plus some new tunes for everyone to enjoy. This is a great thing to get your older kids involved in.

Cater for everyone: whether one of your guests is vegetarian, vegan or allergic, be a great host and provide dishes that cater for them. You don’t want anyone missing out.

Plan the timing for recipes: once you’ve had a mental run-through the recipes, figure out how much time each recipe needs and where you’ll need to cook it. You might also want to think about space in the fridge or freezer if there are any chilling components. Don’t be caught short.

Make what you can in advance: whether you make your stuffing or sauces in advance, this will help save time on Christmas Day and allow you to focus on the main courses. And, let’s face it, taking time to enjoy the meal yourself.

Enlist helpers: don’t be afraid to ask for help when preparing your Christmas feast. Plus its far more fun with help. Pour some bubbles and put on some festive music and cook away.

Leftovers: have a supply of zip-lock bags and containers to store any leftovers, or to package it up in a doggy bag for guests to take home with them.


Christmas recipes to try 


Gingerbread and caramel trifle 





Classic pavlova with lemon curd and kiwi fruit 



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