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Five ways to make your kitchen look instantly cleaner in just five minutes

Do you often look at your kitchen and wonder how other people manage to keep it so spotless?

Do you dread tackling your grubby space in fear of how long to will take you to clean up?

There are a few simple tips and tricks that you can do each day that will make your kitchen space look instantly cleaner and what’s more, it will take you just five minutes.

Put your dishes away… immediately

You may think keeping your kitchen looking tidy is about washing dirty dishes. Wrong. The important step is that once your dishes are clean than you don’t leave them to drip dry but you wipe down and put back in their allocated space.

But don’t leave it for another five or 10 minutes or you’ll go away and come back and wonder why your kitchen still looks untidy. Train yourself to do it immediately and it will become force of habit. The result? A clean and tidy looking space.

Tidy up the countertops

A kitchen can look instantly tidier if you clear your countertops regularly. It’s very tempting to dump items such as post, pamphlets, knick-knacks and the likes but everything needs a place. If you clean up this area daily, the kitchen will look clutter-free and neat. Remember it only takes a few seconds!


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Give your floor a good sweep

After the family has had breakfast, chances are you’ll not think of sweeping or vacuuming immediately. You might think to yourself, ‘I swept the floor yesterday, it’s all good.’ Wrong! Floors get dirty very quickly and visible debris makes a kitchen look dirty and unkempt. Make a habit of vacuuming straight after cooking and eating and you’ll have a sparkling kitchen area. It will literally only take a few minutes and will avoid others treading the debris into the floor and creating harder to remove stains.

Wipe down surfaces

It may seem simple, but just wiping down surfaces with a clean cloth and disinfectant after cooking and eating will avoid unsightly grime and grease and will keep your cooking area germ free. Easy!

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Give your windows a clean

Sparkling windows make a kitchen look instantly brighter, fresher and cleaner. It’s a simple way to add light to your cooking space and a sense of cleanliness to the entire room.


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