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Keep your cool: five simple tips for organising your fridge

Organising your fridge may seem like a mundane task to undertake, but by keeping things tidy and having a designated place for all your foods, you could save time, money and prevent future mess. Ready to take on the chaos behind the fridge door? Keep your cool and follow these five simple steps:

  1. Group items in handy baskets for easy access: by grouping similar products together – be it condiments, beverages, dairy products or spreads – and placing them in tidy-making baskets or containers, you can make it much easier to find what you have and access what you want much faster. You might even like to use a ‘lazy Susan’ to make products easier to get to. And, if there are any condiment spillages, you’ll only need to clean the basket, rather than your entire fridge shelf.
  2. Keep a marker pen and roll of tape nearby: use magnets to affix a roll of white masking tape and a marker pen to your fridge so that you can label leftovers and homemade items with names and dates. This way, there’ll be no mystery items going bad to discover later down the track – and, you won’t need to guess what day something was made. The tape should be easy to remove when it comes to washing up.
  3. Absorb odours with ground coffee beans: not only are they delicious to devour in your morning brew, but a little bowl of ground coffee beans can be placed in your fridge to absorb odours that might arise from vegetables or strong-smelling ingredients in the vicinity.
  4. Give everything a designated place: while organising your fridge, you might like to label your side-door compartments with what items each area should contain. Whether you want to allocate a designated cheese area, a space for sauces and dressings, and a spot for eggs, for example, by labelling these areas, there’ll be no confusion for anyone in your household (or visitors) about where things should go. And, you’ll avoid the dreaded jumble of ingredients.
  5. Choose transparent containers: if you’re storing leftovers in coloured or dark containers, it can be tricky to know at a glance what’s in your refrigerator. By using glass jars or other transparent storage containers, you’ll know exactly what you’ve got in your fridge – and will be less likely to double up on items during your next grocery shopping trip.

Organising your fridge might be a lot easier and less time consuming than you expected. Why not give your fridge a sparkling makeover this week?

Image cred: Clean & Scentsible; Lauren Volo


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