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Festive ways to bake and decorate gingerbread

Learn to bake and decorate your own gingerbread these holidays with gorgeous gingerbread recipes and ideas for Christmas
How to make perfect gingerbread

Festive ways to decorate gingerbread

When you think of Christmas what are the first images to come to mind?   In Australia it’s probably houses adorned with Christmas lights, hot summer days and nights, lots of seafood, glazed hams, gatherings with family and friends and of course gorgeous Christmas trees surrounded with presents of all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to the food, there’s a tradition we quite enjoy around here and that’s making gingerbread.  The spicy smell, the different personal designs and of course the joyous spirit that goes hand-in-hand with the making and of course the giving.

Have a little fun with your gingerbread treats this year with these delicious ideas from a stunning wreath cake to easy tree decorations.

How to make Gingerbread Tree Decorations - fun and easy, edible, festive Christmas treat recipe

Gingerbread Tree Decorations – Western Star

Dress up your Christmas tree with these easy edible tree decorations, a creative way to use your gingerbread and easy enough for the kids to help with.

Or make a gorgeously festive dessert with this gingerbread ripple wreath cake covered in a decadent layer of cream.

How to make Gingerbread Ripple Wreath Cake - Decadent Christmas dessert idea

Gingerbread Ripple Wreath Cake – Western Star

Almond and gingerbread trees are so easy to make and are the perfect Christmas treat. In fact, they can work on two levels, both as a simple table decoration and a festive treat!

Almond flakes on gingerbread trees, a light and fun Christmas treat recipe

Almond and Gingerbread Trees – Western Star

And finally classic gingerbread men, the best traditional Christmas treat. With this easy recipe you can have these guys ready for the oven in under 15 minutes!

The best gingerbread recipe - a perfect festive recipe for the silly season.

The Best Gingerbread – Western Star



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