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Make vanilla custard slice for dad this Father's Day for a trip down memory lane

Recipes that will take dad back to his childhood this Father’s Day

Does your dad relay fond childhood memories of after school treats at the corner store and being able to buy a bag full of lollies for 20c? Does the thought of a vanilla slice or a wagon wheel send him back in time? Well, these 5 nostalgic Father’s Day recipes are the perfect ideas to impress him on his special day!

From curried sausages to an epic, giant wagon wheel cake, there will certainly be many memories that come with these recipe ideas.

1. Devils on Horseback

The ultimate retro canapé. There was once a time where this simple winning combination of dates wrapped in bacon was seen as extraordinarily exotic. This idea might not seem as exotic now, but it’s certainly still delish, and it’s the perfect snack to enjoy while watching the football with dad.

2. Curried Sausages

If there’s any recipe that celebrates how much us Aussies love our sausages, it’s this idea for curried sausages! It’s a classic family favourite that our dad’s enjoyed eating at the dinner table as kids.

3. Vanilla Custard Slice

There wasn’t a traditional bakery that didn’t sell this classic dessert in our dad’s heyday. It’s still a favourite enjoyed by all, so re-create this slice for something special this Father’s Day.


4. Giant Wagon Wheel Cake

For over 50 year’s the wagon wheel has been a beloved sweet treat. Originally described as one of the biggest chocolate biscuits on the market, this Giant Wagon Wheel Cake takes that description to a whole new level that dad will love!

5. Chocolate Crackles

Renowned for their appearance at kids parties and fetes. Crackles have been enjoyed since the 1930’s. Make a big batch and you will have one happy dad.


Take a look at the full Father’s Day recipe collection to see ideas for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

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