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Let them eat cake!

The great rise of baking! What grannies have been pottering around cooking for years has now hit up pop culture in a big the free dessert lovers cookbook

Hipsters are big on the cupcake bandwagon and I’ve never seen hype around a baked goods like the Cronutsomeone paid $14,000 for a dozen for pete’s sake (at least it was for charity!).

You could consider me to be a reasonably enthusiastic massive fan of baking shows, such as Great British Bake Off, I will even scour youtube for soothing session of Hairy Biker Baking shows. How else are we going to know that mere mortals are able to create 12 eclairs that all look the same in their own shoddy ovens?

I have more insight than most, having been shopgirl at a super popular Sydney Patisserie through my uni days. Although the chefs were far from my vision of Chef Auguste Gusteau (anyone seen Ratatouille?), they had technical magnificence coming out their rolling pins in a way that cemented in my mind how impossiblè it would be to recreate brioche at home.

It’s a wonderful thing how accessible baking has become, especially now that healthy and savoury baking is a genre. I find baking a soothing task (as you will often see on our Instagram feed) and at the moment I’m trying to make my own flour combinations using rice, buckwheat, cornmeal and tapioca. It’s a fun hobby!

Here are some our favourite baking recipes from the myfoodbook site:

fluffy pink rose meringues

Fluffy Pink Rose Meringues: KitchenAid

easy caramel peanut slice

Easy Caramel Peanut Slice: Western Star



Raspberry and Banana Bread: Creative Gourmet

Raspberry and Banana Bread: Creative Gourmet

Vanilla custard profiterole

Vanilla Custard Profiterole: Copha

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