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Easy vegetable fritters with poached eggs

There’s nothing better than finding a delicious meal that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Call it breakfast for dinner or just breakfast at breakfast, but one thing’s for sure, once you try these easy vegetable fritters with poached eggs, you’ll want to eat them for every meal.

Veggie packed with little nuggets of cheese, these fritters will certainly satisfy, especially when topped with a poached egg for extra protein. You can make these fritters up made ahead of time so they’re ready for a quick meal. Plus they’re a great way to use-up any leftover veg. All you need to do is combine the veggies, breadcrumbs, cheese, flour and eggs then fry the until crisp and golden.

Moving on to the poached egg for the final element. Poaching an egg is easier than you think, especially if you follow the simple steps in the following video on how to poach the perfect egg. Whatever your skill level, you’ll nail it. Don’t forget to take a snap of your cafe-style meal of fritters with a perfectly poached egg on top. Enjoy!


Vegetable fritters and poached egg recipe to try 



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