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How to get your (man's) Man Cave ready for Footy Finals

Crazy fans, team colours and beer, lots of beer, it's that time of year again; Footy Finals! Gear up with the perfect space and the best savoury snack ideas.
Home made mini party pies for game day recipes and footy finals food

Get the Man Cave ready for footy finals season

Where women now have “she-sheds” (or for us, we still love the kitchen), men have the man cave. Here at myfoodbook we completely understand the importance of having a space that is your own, where you can kick back, relax and enjoy watching your favourite sports, or whatever it is that men do in an area where they are allowed complete creative freedom.

Anyway, back to the sports, with the footy finals coming up we know this means one thing: entertaining for plenty of footy fans.

But first things first, before you can settle in you need to get the place decked out with all the essentials. If it doesn’t look like this you’re not doing it right.

Best Sports Fan Man Cave Ideas and InspirationFor more insanely pimped out man caves and info on how to set up your own Cave check out TheManCaveBlog.

Now that you’ve got some idea on how to decorate your man cave, it’s time to think about the snacks!

Footy-food is where we come in. The footy finals are the only time it’s okay to fill a plate with meat, cheese, pies, footy-franks with sauce and get away with calling it a meal. With the AFL and NRL Grand Finals just around the corner it’s time to start considering what savoury snacks you’re going to need for

We know what makes great “man-food” so we’ve compiled a collection of recipes packed with real manly, give-me-more, savoury deliciousness.


Snacks and Food Ideas for your Footy Final viewing party

These barbecue chicken wings with homemade barbecue dipping sauce are delicious and maybe a little messy! But who cares, as long as you keep the napkins handy this dipping sauce is a winner.

Tender and Crispy BBQ Chicken Wings a great appetiser

BBQ Chicken Wings – Everyday Delicious Kitchen

Another delicious (and easy to eat one handed) idea are these chorizo and leek croquettes with herbed aioli.

Chorizo and Leek Croquettes with Herbed Aioli a wonderful and easy party appetiser

Chorizo and Leek Croquettes with Herbed Aioli – Everyday Delicious Kitchen

And for us, it’s the crème de la crème of footy finger food; sliders. This collection of footy-finals recipes includes all the best ideas for chicken sliders, beef sliders, even prawn sliders.

Best appetiser sliders with chicken, cucumber and red onion relish

Herbed Chicken Sliders with Cucumber and Red Onion Relish – Lilydale

For more recipes and an array of all the best savoury snacks for your Man Cave, or your man’s Man-Cave, check out the full collection at myfoodbook where you can also save your favourites and make your own footy-finals cookbook.


Happy Cooking and we hope your team wins!

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