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Easy creamy avocado pasta salad with crispy prosciutto

A pasta salad is the perfect dish for entertaining, or for an easy go-to meal. They are so simple to prepare, extremely tasty and very versatile. Choose your veg, preferred meat, dressing and you’re good to go. Both fresh or leftover plain cooked pasta works great in a pasta salad – whether you’re serving it as a main dish or side. A pasta salad really can do no wrong.

This creamy avocado pasta salad with crispy prosciutto is super simple but delicious. Choose your pasta, then all you need to do is blend all your dressing ingredients, mix in your greens, toss together and finish with mouth-watering crispy prosciutto and pine nuts! We’ve used Vetta’s large spiral pasta, which holds the sauce nicely. When you’re told not to bring anything, this salad could be a pleasant surprise.

Easy creamy avocado pasta salad with crispy prosciutto recipe you must try


This recipe is made using Vetta pasta as part of the 2017 Foodbank Shop & Share project.  Pick up a packet of Vetta pasta when you shop at Woolworths in July, and the team at Vetta will donate the same product directly to Foodbank.  You shop – they share!

Foodbank Shop and Share 2017 Woolworths


Foodbank is a recipe partner of myfoodbook. This feature contains a mix of content from myfoodbook third party content partners and our own opinions. If you’d like to learn more about the FoodBank Shop & Share campaign, and how you can help to alleviate hunger for Australian’s in need, click here.


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