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Easy banana nice-cream: 3 ways

On a warm balmy night a scoop of ice cream can finish the evening off quite nicely, and also cool you down from your day. Although as delicious as ice cream is it is a treat, so we have found the perfect alternative. Banana nice-cream!

Banana’s create a delicious, creamy texture which can easily resemble ice cream. Using banana as the base plus other scrumptious ingredients makes this nice-cream a guilt-free way to indulge in your sweet tooth and get your ice-cream fix. This banana nice-cream is also perfect for the kids to enjoy and with School holidays why not get them involved.

Instead of one flavour you can enjoy three; chocolate, passionfruit and choc nut there is a flavour for everyone or why not make all three?

Banana nice-cream flavours to try 

Chocolate banana nice-cream 

Chocolate lovers this ones for you. Banana blended with yogurt, cacao and maple syrup this nice-cream is a lovely after dinner treat or cooling afternoon snack.

Passionfruit banana nice-cream 

A lovely blend of passionfruit and banana plus a hint of coconut, this fruity mix is fresh and light and perfect to enjoy on a warm evening.


Choc nut banana nice-cream 

Choc nut please! This delicious flavour will certainly satisfy any sweet tooth. A blend of chocolate chips, peanut butter and chopped peanuts, who could resist.


If you would like to try all three nice-cream flavours you can find the recipe here. Enjoy!


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