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How to dress your salad for success

Enjoying a fresh salad is the perfect summertime meal. During summer when the sun is blazing, no one wants to sit down and enjoy a meal that is going make them sweat.

Salads also make the perfect accompaniment to your main dishes. Whether your having a BBQ, dinner party or sitting down to a family meal. Having a large salad will complete the meal perfectly.

When making a salad, you have free-range on what greens you prefer to use plus other ingredients. A salad is extremely versatile and can be catered to any taste. But there are a few tricks to remember when building your salad.

In this wonderful page from our new Summer Entertaining Foodbook, it provides all the tips and tricks you need to know when dressing your salad for success.

Now next time your cooking a family meal, having a BBQ with family and friends or enjoying a dinner party, remember these key pointers and your salad will be the star of the meal.

Stunning salad recipes to try 





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