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Make fried egg recipes for breakfast

Different ways to a cook fried egg

The way you have your eggs, can say a lot about you. Choose a gooey fried egg on a roll that is likely to cause a mess and there’s a good chance you’re bit of a risk taker. Choose an over-medium fried egg that isn’t runny but isn’t firm and it’s likely that you are a pretty laid back individual.

However you like your eggs, they are fabulous served up for breakfast lunch and dinner. Here’s our guide to the different ways you can cook your fried egg:

Cooking eggs “Sunny Side Up”

The classic gooey centre, fried egg. Cooking eggs Sunny Side Up is when an egg is cracked into the pan and not flipped. Therefore leaving a plump egg yolk that will create quite the show when cut into.

If you choose the sunny side up fried egg, make a delicious big breakfast or try bubble and squeak. Then cut into your egg and watch it ‘ooze’ over your meal.

How to make “Eggs Over-easy”

Take your classic fried egg and give it a quick toss on either side and you have an over-easy egg. The outer layer of the yolk will have a solified coating, however once you cut through the egg, you will still have a runny yolk.

We love doing our eggs ‘over-easy’ for the a classic bacon and egg roll.

What are “Eggs Over-medium”?

To achieve an over-medium egg, you just have to take the over-easy, one step further. Give the egg approximately 10-15  seconds more on either side and you will have an egg with more thoroughly cooking whites, and a moist and slightly gluggy yolk that will hold it’s shape.

How do you cook “Eggs Over-hard”?

Once again, add another 10-15 seconds of cooking time on each side and you have an over-hard egg. The over-hard fried egg is likely to have become crispy on the edges of its white and will have a firm yolk.


Now that you know how to cook your favourite fried eggs – here’s a few recipes to test your new skills:





If you love fried eggs, it’s likely that you also enjoy them scrambled, poached and in a delicious omelette. Check out the myfoodbook YouTube channel for all of the best hints and tricks to cooking eggs perfectly.

Create delicious eggs recipes with this great collection of videos

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