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The Dessert Lovers Foodbook 2016

Those with a sweet tooth can rejoice! The brand new Dessert Lovers Foodbook is here. With more than 20 incredible recipes for cakes and puddings, biscuits and slices including your all-time favourites like Classic Lemon Tarts and Chocolate Crackles – you’ll be baking and creating memorable recipes that will stay on your ‘bake list’ forever.

To get your copy, download the eBook which you can either print, view on screen or save on your tablet, iBooks and more. For interactive cooking features, the free myfoodbook app for iPad includes large screen cooking mode as well as a nifty voice activated page turner so messy cooking hands don’t need to touch the screen.

Here’s a sneak peek at the sections in the new Dessert Lovers Foodbook!

Cakes, Pavlovas & Puddings

Making a cake, pudding or pavlova from scratch isn’t just about the indulgence of enjoying your creation. It’s the process itself that’s had us in love with baking from the beginning. It’s the stirring, mixing, decorating and well… admiring your work that us foodies call therapeutic.

Because we know you love baking as much as we do, here are a few of our favourites from this section of the book:

Magic Beesting Custard Cake

Pure magic – this incredible cake separates into layers of custard goodness to present you with a masterpiece.

Calling all dessert lovers, this incredible magic besting custard cake is incredible

Magic Beesting Custard Cake – The Dairy Kitchen

Perfect Pavlova 

We will never get sick of pavlova, especially when it’s a perfect pavlova like this one. The sweet crispy meringue is topped with fresh cream, zesty passionfruit and smooth mango to create a show stopper.

Dessert lovers will adore this pavlova recipe from the 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Perfect Pavlova – Devondale

Chocolate Hazelnut Self-Saucing Pudding

Oozy chocolate pudding with a hint of hazelnut. This dish was born ready to satisfy dessert lovers. It’s comforting, rich and is the ultimate winter wonder.

Sweet tooths will adore this chocolate hazelnut self saucing pudding from the 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Self-Saucing Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding – Dairy Kitchen

Get your copy of the Dessert Lovers Foodbook 2016 for amazing sweet recipe ideas

Biscuits & Slices

Oh biscuits and slices… They marry beautifully with our afternoon coffee, they find themselves into lunch boxes and are simply a fun treat to create. From classic vanilla custard slice to rocky road, you are sure to find a few of your favourites.

Vanilla Custard Slice

A recipe to bring back memories. Create nostalgia in the kitchen with this sweet custard slice. Enjoy layers of puff pastry and custard topped with a sweet white icing.

Make this traditional custard slice by Devondale as featured in the Dessert Lovers Foodbook 2016

Vanilla Custard Slice – Devondale

White Chocolate Raspberry Rocky Road

It’s the no-bake slice that always has a place in your kitchen. Serve it for afternoon tea, package it prettily as a gift or simply indulge in it as an after dinner treat. 

Make an incredible white chocolate rocky road recipe from the 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

White Chocolate & Raspberry Rocky Road – Copha

 My Grandmother Sarah’s Lokshen Kugel

A precious family recipe by the Monday Morning Cooking Club for traditional Lokshen Kugel; a sweet noodle dessert. Bake this delicious slice to see why it’s been passed down generation through generation.

This traditional recipe by the ladies at Monday Morning Cooking Club appears in the new Dessert Lovers Foodbook 2016

My Grandmother Sarah’s Lokshen Kugel by the Monday Morning Cooking Club

All-time favourites

There’s a reason these incredible dessert ideas have made themselves on to the all-time favourite list. From chocolate brownies to a zesty lemon tart, these are must know recipes that never go out of style.

Classic Lemon Tarts

A lemon tart is timeless, the perfectly buttery pastry and sweet zesty filling is a crowd pleaser. Top with miniatures meringues and blueberries and you are sure to impress.

Make this classic lemon tart recipe from Kitchen Aid as features in the myfoodbook 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Classic Lemon Tarts – Kitchen Aid

Chocolate Crackles

Not just for kids parties, crackles are one of the first things we ever learnt to make and we will continue to make them forever. This recipe is made to share with great memories.

Traditional chocolate crackles are a must recipe for every home cook. Find it in the 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Chocolate Crackles – Copha

Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Sauce

The perfect brownie is an absolute gem that you must hold on to. This recipe is made even better with the addition of an incredible raspberry sauce. 

Chocolate brownies are heavenly when served with raspberry sauce. Get this Kitchen Aid recipe in the 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Sauce – Kitchen Aid


Get your copy of the Dessert Lovers Foodbook 2016 for amazing sweet recipe ideas

Download as an ebook, iPad, iPhone book or read online as a flip book here.

Happy baking and dessert making!

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