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Delicious ways to use up Christmas leftovers

Every year, we tell ourselves not to go overboard and buy crazy amounts of food for Christmas Day but this never seems to happen. At the end of the day, you find yourself with copious amounts of food leftover.

All the family go home with containers full of food, and for days we eat extravagant christmas food (not that we are complaining).

So we have collated our best recipes that you can use up all your leftovers with. From your Christmas ham and turkey, to your roast veggies and even your desserts. Don’t let these delicious ingredients go to waste.

Ways to use of Christmas leftovers 

Frittatas and slices: a frittata or slice is the perfect vessel for any leftover veggies and meats. Simply chop up all your ingredients and add to your egg mixture and your ready to go. Frittata are perfect if your feeling like a lighter meal, especially after the feasting that occurred on Christmas Day.  

Salads: with your leftover over roast veg, why not add them to a salad? Perfect for that summer heat and using up those leftover veg and meat.

Breakfast: why not use up your Christmas leftovers for breakfast the next day? A delicious ham and cheese omelette or even try Christmas ham and egg on toast? They do say Christmas ham can taste even better the next day.

More desserts: yes your seeing this correctly, more desserts. Because diets don’t count over the silly season. Use up any fruit or baking ingredients in some delicious treats.

Recipes to try 





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