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Main dishes for a crowd-pleasing BBQ

What better way to enjoy the warm weather than a BBQ. Just think delicious food, family, friends and the outdoors. Getting outdoors can make anyone feel better and whether you’re having a casual dinner with family or hosting to a big crowd, a BBQ is a fantastic way to entertain and get outdoors.

When you’re ready to throw a BBQ, some simple tips to remember are to keep your sides, drinks and dessert simple, but serve up an impressive main dish. Like a delicious Piri Piri BBQ Butterflied Chicken or delicious Indonesian drumsticks which can both be easily served with a simple side salad and some tasty roast potatoes. Remember your main dish is the centre of attention, so have a selection of dishes that your guests can choose from.

So it’s time to make the most of the gorgeous weather and invite your friends over for a great afternoon of some fantastic music, refreshing drinks, super tasty food and enjoying the outdoors.

For main dish inspiration have a look at these fantastic recipes to try at your next BBQ.

Crowd-pleasing BBQ recipes to try 







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