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Crimes against spaghetti carbonara

Did you know spaghetti carbonara is one of the simplest pasta dishes to make; but some that being said some of the simplest of dishes can be the hardest to get right…and spaghetti carbonara is one of them.

To master the carbonara you start by tossing in the cooked pasta with your chosen meat and its rendered fat until every strand is well coated, then taking of the heat and adding your egg and cheese, but a key tip to remember is that if your pasta is too hot, the eggs will curdle when you add them. If they’re too cool, the eggs will remain raw. Sounds scientific but with a little practice and knowing what not to do when making carbonara you can become a spaghetti carbonara connoisseur in no time.

In this clever page it includes simple tips and tricks to follow when making your spaghetti carbonara.


Delicious spaghetti carbonara recipe to try 



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