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Cook's guide to passionfruit

Cook’s guide to passionfruit

It’s the fruit that’s synonymous with sunshine and pavlova but it’s in season and value for money now. Those tantalisingly tart bursts of passionfruit pulp cutting through a sweet meringue crust are what food dreams are made of. But passionfruit has so much more to offer in the kitchen. Read this cook’s guide to passionfruit to find out why we’re so passionate about passionfruit.

Plus check out the surprising health benefits you can enjoy.

How to select and store passionfruit 
  • Look for plump and heavy passionfruit
  • You don’t have to wait for a passionfruit to wrinkle before it’s ready to be eaten
  • A passionfruit will wrinkle because of loss of moisture
  • Skin blemishes rarely have any impacts on the flavour of the fruit inside so don’t be put off by by small scratches or marks
  • When you take your passionfruit home, if you live in cooler parts of Australian keep the passionfruit in the fruit bowl. In the warmers parts of the country store your passionfruit in the fridge
Benefits of passionfruit

As well as being high in fibre – yes, all those seeds make this little fruit pack a dietary fibre punch (on punch, try adding passionfruit to your next summer drink), passionfruit is a good source of vitamin C. Little known is that passionfruit actually provides a decent amount of iron for a fruit.

How to prep passionfruit for cooking

If you’re using passionfruit pulp in a recipe, seeds and all, simply cut the fruit in half and scoop out the seeded pulp. Each medium sized passionfruit will yield about 1 1/2 tablespoons of pulp. For 1 cup of pulp you will need about 12 passionfruit.

If you don’t want seeds in your passionfruit curd for example, you can scoop the pulp into a fine sieve over a bowl and press the pulp and juice through.

Can’t wait to get started? Try these bright and fresh passionfruit recipes now.




This stunning passionfruit tart recipe is a quick and easy dessert for an Australia Day celebrations.

Passionfruit Tart – Australian Passionfruit


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