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Cooking the perfect boiled egg

A simple boiled egg if done right, is a delicious base for many great recipe ideas. As kids we enjoyed soft boiled eggs with dipping soldiers (okay we still enjoy that now), we then discovered egg and mayo fingers sandwiches, and now, one of the many ways we eat our boiled eggs is on top of avo bruschetta!

Although boiling an egg is a simple cooking technique, turn your back on the stove for a few minutes and you may have an overdone egg! The easy to follow cooking video above will show you exactly how to achieve an egg that is soft-boiled, right through to an egg that is hard boiled.

How long should you cook a boiled egg?

Soft boiled egg – 4 minutes

Medium boiled egg – 5 minutes

Hard boiled egg – 8 minutes

3 ways to dress up a perfect boiled egg

Dress up a perfect boiled egg with thes delicious recipes! Then check out the Australian Eggs recipe collection at my foodbook for more egg-cellent ideas.




Create delicious eggs recipes with this great collection of videos

This how-to video for boiling eggs is just one of the videos from the collection. Watch these other how-to ideas from Australian Eggs recipes in action via our Youtube channel


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