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Cooking for kids this Christmas

Gingerbread cookie decorations

Gingerbread tree decorations; Western Star

We have this excellent family video from a Christmas many years ago. There’s a sister running around in a disheveled angel costume, me jamming on my new keytar (hybrid guitar/keyboard genius invention) and then the camera goes around the corner to spot my youngest sister curled up in a corner with a giant chocolate santa (which wasn’t hers). She’s just blissing out on this moment of having all the chocolate in the world to herself (she’s eaten his hat already and it’s alllllll over her face).

I don’t have any children of my own but I’m always excited to see that kids still get the same enjoyment we did when we were little out of eating something reserved only for the Christmas period.

While the little darlings are hoping Christmas is all about chocolate santas, cookies and candy canes it’s also important to try and get some form of savoury/nutritious food in to the mix… apparently…

Do you find yourself trying to cram brussels sprouts into reluctant little mouths? Kids often don’t have the appreciation for the same taste as we do. Christmas for kids needn’t be all sugar or unappealing boiled vegetables.There are plenty of things to have on hand pre-prepared to feed the hoards which can be christmassy and fun.

Kids cookingOur grown-up main Christmas meal often centres around a whole baked fish and sides such as polenta and salads. This isn’t to the kids tastes so we pre-make pizza bases covered in pureed tomato paste to keep in the fridge and on the day we will top them off with fresh veggies (in red and green colours of course) herbs and cheese. If you don’t love this idea, Pinterest is riddled with amazing ways to turn basically any savoury food into a christmas tree shape!

Sweet treats are all part of the seasonal fun so there will be desserts for kids to enjoy too of course, many of these can involve fruit though! Have you seen the cute little santa hats made out of strawberries with some white chocolate as the pom pom? Making kids food fun is such a treat for them and will ensure they have a special Christmas time.

We also love to get the kids in the family together for cookie decorating. There are loads of good ideas online if designs don’t spring to mind. Alternatively, everyone loves throwing any old colourful icing and sparkly decorations at the cookies and embracing wild creative interpretations for what Rudolph looks like! We have tried to use the cookies as ornaments on the tree but they just smell too good and inevitably get gobbled up.

Writing this has actually given me an excellent gift idea for my youngest sister…

Have a Merry Chrissi and click though to some of our lovely recipes for kids here:

Marscapone stuffed strawberries

Marscapone stuffed strawberries; Vitasoy

Funny Face Ham Leek and Swiss Cheese Quiche RECIPE

Funny Face Ham Leek and Swiss Cheese Quiche; Eggs, easy as


French toast with berries

French Toast With Berries; Eggs, easy as

Stained Glass Christmas Biscuits

Stained Glass Christmas Biscuits; Kitchenaid

Antipasto Scrolls

Antipasto Scrolls; Perfect Italiano

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