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Create incredible recipes by flavouring your butter with these recipes

Tips for cooking with butter

For food lovers and home cooks – there are just some must know cooking tips that you will come by, and never forget. Whether it’s a little gem passed on by grandma or a tip about what you can freeze and what you can’t freeze, pearls of wisdom like these make your life a lot easier in the kitchen.

That’s why we love and these 5 genius butter tips for cooking. From learning how to grease cooking pans in an instant, to knowing what to do when you haven’t taken your butter out of the fridge for baking, these are the kind of hacks that you will forever use, and pass on to all of your fellow foodies.

Top 5 Butter Tips for Cooking

1. Softened not melted butter for baking

Unless a recipe specifically asks for melted butter, it’s best to use butter room temperature, softened butter. Melted butter can cause baked good to expand more than desired.

Particularly when you are creaming butter and sugar, softened butter ensures that air pockets are left in the mixture and therefore you will be able to master a light and fluffy cake recipe.

2. How to freeze butter

Butter freezes very well. We recommend that you always have a stick of butter in the freezer to save you from dashing to the shops when you run out. Butter will last approximately 9 months in the freezer, so you will have plenty of time to use it.

Don’t be afraid to also freeze your flavoured butter. If you have made a batch of garlic butter for garlic bread and you have leftovers, simply spoon the butter on to a piece of baking paper, roll into a cylinder and secure by twisting both ends together.

3. How to soften butter instantly

You set yourself up to create a recipe with butter and realise the butter is still in the fridge or freezer. Sound familiar? Here’s the brilliant butter tip; simply use your cheese grater to grate your block of butter and it will soften in no time at all.

4. How to quickly grease pans with butter

The paper that your block of butter comes wrapped in. Save it! These wrappers are the perfect tool for greasing your pans and bakings tins in an instant. Gently wipe the inside facing side of the paper on the surface you want greased and your food will have no chance of sticking.

5. How to make the perfect roast chicken skin with butter

Learning how to make the perfect roast chicken is desired skill for any home cook. The trick with this one is to not only season the outer layer of the chicken, but also season the underneath layer of the skin. Start by using your fingers to separate the skin from the chicken breast.

Then, use your hands to rub a mixture of butter and herbs between the skin and the meat. Finish by distributing the rest of the mixture on the outside of the bird before popping in the oven and enjoying your tender and crispy roast chicken recipe.

Here are a few seasoned butter combinations for the perfect roast chicken from our friends at Western Star:
  • Shallot, Oregano & Lemon Butter – fabulous on a impressive but simple roast chicken recipe for a Sunday dinner.
  • Spiced Citrus Butter – made with orange and lemon rind, cinnamon and cloves, perfect for a festive occasion.
  • Spring Onion, Chilli & Lime Butter – a great combination to create poultry with a zesty zing.


Create a batch of shallot, oregano and lemon butter and put to good use with this delicious, seasoned roast chicken recipe by Western Star.



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*DISCLAIMER: Western Star is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Western Star and our own opinions. Find out more about the full range of Western Star products.

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