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Complete your Christmas side dishes

Your main meal on Christmas Day is not complete without an array of scrumptious side dishes. Sides accompany and complete your Christmas feast and you can pair your selection of meat, with as many sides as you desire.

What better than crispy roasted potatoes, honey glazed roasted carrots or even delicious barbecued corn with coriander and chilli butter. Christmas is that one day of the year where the day is based solely around food…and who’s complaining.

This year when preparing your sides, we have one simple tip that is going to finish off your sides just beautifully. When you are ready to serve be sure you top of your dishes with a spread of butter. Just watch that beautiful golden butter melt over your steaming dishes, and complete the dish. It’s that simple.

In this gorgeous page from our oh-so fabulous Celebrate Christmas Foodbook, Western Star butter is a necessity for the Christmas table and to complete your side dishes this year. Try any of these scrumptious sides this Christmas Day. Your family and loved ones won’t be disappointed.

Side dishes really are the actual stars of the meal, they complete your Christmas feast. So don’t go light on the sides. For more recipe inspiration have a look at these delicious side recipes.

More Christmas side dish recipes 





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