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Cloud eggs

Cloud eggs: The new egg trend taking the internet by storm

Just when you think you have perfected the fluffiest egg recipe, along comes another social media crazed food trend… The cloud egg.

What on earth is the cloud egg? How do you make such creation? Is it even tasty? Or worth swapping out the standard scrambled egg for? So many questions to be answered, so much curiosity… So, as avid egg lovers, we turned to the internet for answers, and here’s what we found:


What is a cloud egg?

Essentially, a hybrid of the meringue, and scrambled egg white on the outside, with a runny yolk in the centre. Hmm… Interesting, very interesting!

How do you make cloud eggs?

Cloud eggs are made by separating the white and the yolk. The white of the egg is then whisked until peaks form, (in the same way you would make meringue). Then with your oven set to 200°C, the meringue like whites are placed onto a baking paper lined tray. Using a spoon, you then make a small indentation or well in the centre of the white. Bake for a few minutes, before adding the egg yolk to this indentation. Bake for a further few minutes until golden, season and bob’s your uncle!

Do cloud eggs taste good?

While some claim that the cloud egg is fluffy egg heaven, other’s aren’t quite sure about the texture! The only way to find out is try this new trend for yourself!