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Everyone’s favourite chocolate crackle recipe

The humble chocolate crackle is loved by many children and adults alike, and is the ultimate kids’ party treat – and, if there are any left-over they go perfectly with a hot cup of tea in the afternoon too. This delicious delight is also a great way to get kids involved in the preparation for their party. The best part about the chocolate crackle is that there is no baking involved, so they’re perfect for little ones to help out with.

To make this traditional treat all you need is five simple ingredients, a good mix and then a little while to set in the fridge. It’s that easy! If you are throwing a themed kids’ party, you can play around with the colours of the wrapping for your crackles. A kids’ party is really not complete without chocolate crackles – and don’t forget to make spares for the adults too.

Easy chocolate crackle recipe to try 


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