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This beef lasagne recipe is an easy lasagne recipe and step by step lasagne video you can make.

Classic Beef Lasagne Recipe

There’s just so much to love about lasagne. Layers of pasta sheets, rich Bolognese sauce and a creamy, velvety bechamel sauce. Top it all off with a lid of golden melted cheese and you’re in heaven. This classic beef lasagne recipe is a celebration of all that is good and tasty about lasagne.

Layer upon layer

The secret of a good lasagne is in the layers. Each component has an important part to play. You don’t want your Bolognese too watery, your bechamel too thick or too runny, or your lasagne sheets too overlapping. If you get the balance of bechamel to Bolognese to pasta right, your lasagne is sure to stack up.

Order in the house

People are often confused about which order the layers should go in. In this classic beef lasagne recipe we’ve started with a thin spread of bechamel, followed by fresh pasta sheets, Bolognese, bechamel and pasta again. The depth of your pan and the amount of sauce and bechamel you have will determine how many layers you will end up with.

The finishing touch

There’s one essential ingredient that is the crowning glory of any lasagne. The cheese. Don’t go for just any cheese, your lasagne deserves the best. This lasagne recipe calls for grated mozzarella. Mozzarella melts beautifully and turns into a stretchy golden brown crust in the oven. Plus its mild flavour won’t compete with the flavours in your lasagne.

All good things

come to those who wait. And it’s so true when it comes to lasagne. Even though you’re dying to cut into that magnificent bake straight form the oven, give it some space. Let the lasagne relax for at least 20 minutes (being baked in the oven is hot work after all). You’ll be rewarded with an easier to cut lasagne and the flavours will have settled and become more defined. Don’t worry, it will retain its heat for a while after cooking.

It also ages wonderfully well. Nothing beats eating any lasagne leftovers the next day. So good.

Classic beef lasagne recipe video

This step-by-step video will show you how to make the classic beef lasagne, as well as have you begging for a slice of it immediately.


Cheat’s Lasagne

Still thinking, it all looks too hard. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to go the whole wonderful hog. We hear you. That’s why you should give this cheat’s lasagne a crack. Go on, you know you want to.


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