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Classic Anzac biscuit recipe

Is there anything better than an Anzac bicky? Dunked into a glass of milk or hot cup of tea if you will. It’s the absolutely Australian way to do milk and cookies… But don’t get us wrong, we aren’t calling our famous biscuit a cookie, because that’s just not on.

Kids and adults alike love the taste of the sticky golden syrup butter mixture with coconut, oats and plain flour. But these golden biscuits have more history than you may know.

Originally the Anzac biscuit was named the ‘Rolled oat biscuit or the ‘Soldiers Biscuits’ in which they were made by the women back at home for the troops overseas, based on the simple ingredients that would not easily spoil.

Also, this biscuit was developed to provide sustenance to our soldiers, it was later adapted to help women in the community raise money for their husbands at war.

So getting the kids involved this year with the process of making Anzac biscuits, is that you’ll be able to share the rich history of the biscuit.

Plus whether you love the chewy and sticky kind or the kind that is crunchy and crumbly, thanks to this special biscuit Australians and New Zealanders will always grow up with the memory of the Anzac.

Classic Anzac biscuit recipe to try 


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