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Chinese New Year Food

Also known as Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year plays a colourful and important part in the Australian calendar. Join in the celebrations with a recipe that’s steeped in tradition like these tea eggs.

Chinese New Year Food

Chinese New Year is celebrated this year from the 5th February to the 19th with a festival of food, fireworks and fabulous traditions.

It begins with a New Year’s Eve dinner with family. The dishes served are believed to promote health, wealth and happiness.

Each region will have it’s own traditional dishes but there are some common ones such as dumplings, spring rolls, noodles and especially rice or moon cakes.

Tea Eggs with Noodles Recipe

Tea eggs are as steeped in tradition as they are in tea. They are thought to bring fertility, health and prosperity during Chinese New Year. They get their striking marbled effect when boiled, slightly cracked then steeped in brewed black tea.


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