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How to turn chicken tenderloins into a family dinner

Chicken tenderloins are the perfect cut of poultry to deliver a a quick and easy weeknight dinner for the family. When you think of chicken tenderloins, you may automatically think of kid’s chicken fingers or nuggets, but they are so much more than that! Yes you can make crunchy homemade chicken strips with tenderloins, but you can also do so many other dinners that will impress the family.

Whether you prefer the chicken tenderloins fried, baked or grilled there is a recipe to suit every appetite at your dinner table.

 What’s the difference between chicken breast and chicken tenderloins?

Many think that chicken tenderloins are simply sliced breast fillet but in actual fact, tenderloins are a slightly different cut. The chicken breast is the meat attached to the ribs, which has very little fat and is boneless when the ribs are removed. The chicken tenderloin on the other hand, is the lean, short cut taken from beneath the breast of the bird. This cut is slightly more tender than the chicken breast.

Benefits of cooking chicken tenderloins for the family
  • Chicken tenderloins are lean and can take only several minutes to cook
  • The chicken strips are a great option for stir-fries, skewers and salads
  • High-protein
  • Tenderloins can be purchased in convenient sliced, serving size packages. Which means they are super easy to throw into a weeknight stir-fry
What to do with leftover chicken tenderloins

Don’t let your cooked chicken go to waste! Stretch out leftover chicken by making meals like casserole, pasta bake, soups and wraps.

To see how you can turn chicken tenderloins into a tasty and crowd pleasing dinner for the family, try these chicken tenderloin recipes in your next weekly meal plan. 

Recipes using Chicken Tenderloins

Try these recipes for your next weeknight meal and see how easy it is to turn chicken tenderloins into a family dinner





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