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Chicken mince: cooking and freezing this versatile ingredient

Mince meat is an incredibly versatile ingredient, suitable for anything from meatballs, meatloaf, burgers, stir-frys, pasta dishes and the list goes on. As well as beef mince, chicken mince is a delicious and readily available protein to add to your family meals. Chicken mince also has a clean flavour and is also lower in fat than many beef minces.

Using chicken mince leads you into a world of creative recipe ideas, which can mix up your regular beef mince recipes – try chicken meatloaf, a creamy chicken mushroom meatballs pasta, or tasty sweet potato, chicken and couscous nuggets. Chicken mince creative cooking opportunities are endless, and may just add a whole new repertoire of recipes to your week.

Chicken mince cooking tips 
  • Always use a non-stick pan for cooking mince. When cooking chicken mince you will need a small about of oil on the pan to start, as the ingredient is very lean, so you can run the risk of it being dry.
  • Mince is best cooked in batches if you intend to cook large quantities. This stops the mince from stewing, turning grey and losing its flavour.
  • Keep it hot: too much mince in the pan can over-crowd things, leading to the frying pan losing heat. By avoiding over-crowding your pan, you can ensure your the meat cooks evenly.
Storing and freezing chicken mince 

After purchasing your mince, follow these easy tips to ensure it’s stored safely:

  • Chicken mince can be stored in your fridge for up to two days. After this time, it needs to be transferred to your freezer to ensure it remains safe to eat.
  • Raw mince should be stored in the coldest part of your fridge, usually at the bottom.
  • Mince can then be kept in your freezer until you’re ready to eat. Although, mince should only be frozen for up to two months.

When it comes to defrosting you mince, it is recommended that you follow one of the three options:

  • Using the microwave, by choosing the defrost setting on your appliance.
  • In the fridge – allowing time in advance to allow your chicken mince to fully defrost.
  • With water, if your packaging is water-tight. Fully submerge your chicken mince in room temperature water and change every 30 minutes to ensure mince is kept cold
Easy chicken mince recipes to try 

Add chicken mince to your cart on your next grocery shop, and try these scrumptious recipes.







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