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Check out our new look Good For You Foodbook

With the New Year in full swing, it can be easy to fall off the healthy eating wagon and back into old habits.

Which is why this month is also the time we welcome the arrival of the new Good For You Foodbook, which has had a gorgeous makeover.

This year’s sparkling edition includes a colourful variety of fresh, quick and easy recipes for everyone to enjoy.

With kick starting breakfast recipes, healthy bite-sized snacks, easy make-ahead lunch ideas, nourishing bowls and delectable dinners, this year’s Good For You Foodbook will be your go-to all year round. With mouth-watering and light recipe ideas, you’ll be sure to keep on the healthy eating wagon every day.

To get your copy of the book, download the eBook or this year you can sign up for your very own printed version of Good For You. For more information scroll down.

Kick start your day

Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast is one of the best ways to set yourself up for the day. This delicious chapter is full of easy and nourishing recipes to enjoy that will keep you powering ahead until lunch.

This quick and easy avocado on toast recipe can be enjoyed 5 ways. This easy avo dish can be enjoyed for breakfast or lunch.

Avocado on toast: 5 ways – Australian Avocados


This quick and easy egg muffin recipe is an ideal on-the-go breakfast idea or snack.

Egg Muffins 3 ways – Australian Eggs



Healthy bites

If it’s just one of those days where nothing seems to keep you full, this chapter has got you covered. A collection of quick and easy snacks that won’t break your healthy eating routine.

This easy guacamole recipe can be enjoyed with three different toppings. Perfect for both kids and adults.

Guacamole 3 ways: Australian Avocados


These pear and coconut muffins are the ideal low sugar snack or sweet fix.

Pear and Coconut Muffins – Australian Pears

Make-ahead lunch ideas

It’s the year of meal prep. Get started with these simple but appetising lunch ideas. Full of hearty and healthy ingredients and no-fuss required.

This delicious chicken, mint and asparagus wraps recipe is the perfect dish to enjoy on-the-go or is great as a make-ahead lunch idea.

Chicken, mint & asparagus wraps – Lilydale



This quick and easy asian poached chicken recipe in lettuce cups is a healthy recipe perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

Asian Poached Chicken in Lettuce Cups – ZoOsh


 Nourishing bowls

The ultimate ‘no rules’ recipe collection. You have free reign to choose your favourite veg, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat to build your perfect bowl. Have a look at these easy nourish bowl recipes for healthy meal inspiration.

This dukkah chicken nourish bowl recipe can be enjoyed for dinner or lunch and is full of nutritious ingredients to keep you going.

Dukkah Chicken Nourish Bowls – Lilydale



This egg buddha recipe is a quick and easy vegetarian lunch idea.

Egg Buddha Bowl – Australian Eggs

 Delectable dinners 

Don’t dread the kitchen tonight, this recipe collection is full of healthy, quick and easy dinner ideas to help you master supper time.

This easy chicken scotch eggs recipe is a great dinner idea or lunch.

Chicken Scotch Eggs – Australian Eggs



This easy and fresh mediterranean zucchini spiral salad recipe is a delicious, vegetarian dinner option if your feeling like something light.

Mediterranean Zucchini Spiral Salad – ZoOsh



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