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Incredible and rich chocolate cake recipe

Impressive cake recipes for dinner parties

Every great dinner party has an impressive grand finale. A dessert course that has serious wow factor and is just as show stopping in the flavour department. So when it’s time for us to entertain – we make sure to choose a crowd pleaser.

Although we will always love our old faithful dessert and baking recipes, sometimes you need that extra bit of magic. These pudding, pavlova and cake recipes for dinner parties from our Dessert Lovers Foodbook edition are just that. Download your free copy of the e-book or get a copy of the book for iPhone and iPad.

From baklava that has been turned into a cheesecake to a chocolate and hazelnut self-saucing pudding that does all the work for you and an all but ordinary pavlova with the best-ever whipped cream. These are our top picks from cookbook that will have you very popular with your guests.

Impressive Pudding, Pavlova and Cake recipes for dinner parties

Perfect Pavlova

Classic perfection, this pavlova has an incredible balance of flavour and texture. With layers of crunchy meringue, fresh whipped cream and the tangy flavours of mango and passionfruit this dish was born for the entertaining season.

Dessert lovers will adore this pavlova recipe from the 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Perfect Pavlova – Devondale

 Chocolate and Hazelnut Self-Saucing Pudding

A top that is crisp and brownie like and a centre that oozes fudgey hazelnut chocolate. This dessert is perfect when paired with ice cream.

Sweet tooths will adore this chocolate hazelnut self saucing pudding from the 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Self-Saucing Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding – Dairy Kitchen


Get your copy of the Dessert Lovers Foodbook 2016 for amazing sweet recipe ideas

Best Ever Chocolate Cake

A rich and delicious chocolate cake that is no ordinary dessert. One of the ultimate cake recipes for a dinner party, this recipe creates a crisp outer and soft fudge like inner that has true chocolate flavour.

Make this best ever chocolate cake from the Dessert Lovers Foodbook as a great cake recipe for dinner parties

Best Ever Chocolate Cake

Magic Beesting Cake

The word magic isn’t just used for show. This cake is truly… magic! Pour the cake mixture into the baking tin and as it bakes, it will separate into various layers of custard and pastry like cake.

Calling all dessert lovers, this incredible magic besting custard cake is incredible

Magic Beesting Custard Cake – The Dairy Kitchen

Frozen Lemon Meringue

Frozen meringue and sweet lemon filling compliment each other perfectly in this incredible dessert. The best part? You can make this dish a day in advance, pop it in the freezer, then just pull it out 20 minutes before serving!

This frozen lemon meringue is just one of the great cake recipes for dinner parties in the 2016 Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Frozen Lemon Meringue – Monday Morning Cooking Club


Get these great cake recipes for dinner parties, plus all time favourite recipes and much more in our Dessert Lovers Foodbook

Get your copy of the Dessert Lovers Foodbook 2016 for amazing sweet recipe ideas

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