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Budget-friendly Christmas tips

The lead-up to Christmas is usually seriously busy. From school events, catch-ups with friends, Christmas shopping, the list goes on. This time of year can also be quite expensive and really hit your pocket.

Have a look at these handy tips to help you manage your budget, especially when it comes to your food shop.

Budget tips to remember this Christmas 


Working ahead of time and planning will make all the difference. Not only will it save you on doubling up on ingredients but will help to reduce the amount of waste. If you plan your menu early, you can be on the look-out for specials on those particular items that you need, so can buy now so the final Christmas food shop is reduced.

Stock take

Go through your pantry and freezer and check what you already have. You might surprise yourself what is still good to use from last Christmas.

Choose different mains 

The more traditional meats such as turkey or ham can be quite pricey around Christmas time. So why not try a roast chicken, with a bunch of tasty sides and homemade sauces. Lamb is also a great option for Christmas as well. Cook it on the barbecue for something different.


If you have leftovers, enjoy them on Boxing Day. Perhaps a Boxing Day brunch is in order. Using-up your leftovers will save you needing to buy more food and less waste. Winning!

Christmas recipes to get you in the Christmas spirit 


Bacon and onion tray bake stuffing







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